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elevating the human spirit

by connecting to sound

as a force of nature

our vision is of sound as:

a rapid conduit to pure presence
a gentle reminder of our home frequency 
a natural catalyst for co-creative communion
a fluid gateway into surprise and delight

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are you listening?

- resonance group -


There is a quality of experience that is universal to us all. It is a deeply felt connection, an innate comprehension beyond thoughts and words that is at the ground of our being. 


We call this experience resonance.


It is deeply personal, yet surprisingly shareable, intimate yet simultaneously vast.

It can feel like an experience of alignment, of inner peace, or of heightened harmony between ourselves and the world.

We believe that sound has vast potential as a simple, universally accessible

gateway into resonance. 


Intentionally designed sound has the ability to interrupt the patterns of the mind, allowing it to rest and shifting our perception to our essential nature, which is pure awareness of the moment. This can have deeply restorative effects on body, mind and spirit.

We are a collective of like-hearted individuals dedicated to exploring

the many beneficial potentials that sound has to offer and helping deliver them to the world.    


This page holds a selected sample in our large catalogue of projects.  We will be adding more projects over time, so check back soon. 


sound sanctuary

enshrining sound

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sound summits

collective amplification


workshop auroville

exchanging knowledge


gardens of sound

outdoor interactive magic

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