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resonance podcast

community through harmony

we envision our podcast community as:

a medium for humanity to collaborate on compassionate offerings.


a transformative force in the world through research, artistic expression and waves of innovation for humankind's evolutionary journey.


a community resource for people to connect and expand sound for benefit initiatives.


Our podcast helps link the vast arms of the sound movement through conscious deep listening and creative collaboration. We share dialogues with artists, scientists, and other experts to learn about the power of sound and its ability to increase our well-being and potential. Our episodes dive deep into sonic realms, inviting listeners to learn more about themselves, our universe, and how sound connects us all. 

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Podcast SLO TALK with Douglas Ayres and Alan Tower about the 12 stations of Meditation at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort, Paso Robles. Each station involves an interactive sonic art installation. Click here to  watch a video of the first installation called Leo.

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propagating the vibrations that bring us together.

- resonance group -


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