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gardens of sound


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gardens of sound

interactive magic with sonic art

Our outdoor sonic sculptures stimulate an innate curiosity, with beauty so embedded most anyone is able to make immediate magical sounds. Many are also designed for the discovery of effortless harmony in groups of three.

Some installations also combine an unpredictable kinetic movement, which encourages our brain to relax normal ways of seeing, for an experience of dropping behind the waterfall of thinking.


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magical sounds hidden within the beauty of sculpture calling small groups into social resonance.
– resonance group –
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Gardens of Sound is the general term we use to refer outdoor sonic installations that provide a way individuals, or small groups of people can create interesting or beautiful sounds with no musical training. 


The installations are designed to enable curiosity and fun and expand ones experience of listening and even oneself.

Gardens of Sound can also provide a sense of threshold between areas of land and building structures. Depending on many parameters they can also provide a sense of pilgrimage from one area to another. 

sonic labyrinth

Our partner Stonewhistle, built a Sonic Labryrinth at the Allegretto Vineyard Resort which affords a unique meditative experience. It provides an omnidirectional bubble of sound triggered by a person's movements past an array of seven small audio players around the perimeter.

The approach is minimalist with just single tones harmonically related being randomly triggered. These tones are from the Innato, a three chambered clay vessel flute that was created by Stonwhistle for calling forth ones innate musicality.


aqua suono

A custom Handpan instrument tuned in proportional harmony designed to allow anyone the joy of making beautiful sounds individually and in small groups. This type of instrument has proven to be a consistent attractor among the general population worldwide. For some it sounds like innocence, a prayer, or like the sound of love. The Aqua Suono has a pool of water at the center dome which brings the water into beautiful ripple patterns from the sonic vibration of the metal. This is sound made visible called Cymatics revealing how vibration creates form in our world.

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Sound Circle.png

theta wave trio

kinetic beryllium copper rods

By gently stroking the rods with the hands a compelling sound is created as they slide and move against each other. This is due to the special sonic quality of this alloy. At the same time there is an unpredictable chaotic movement of the rods that when viewed the brain is unable to process in a linear way. As a result at times we may experience a light trance state.  This installation can be constructed either sitting or standing.  Sitting will encourage people to stay longer inside the the experience.

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12 stations of meditation

Our team is currently developing a project 12 Stations of Meditation, for the Allegretto Vineyard Resort, a hotel art resort in Paso Robles, CA.  Each station is connected to a Zodiac sign and will include an interactive sonic art installation for creating curiosity and fun along with fostering a meditative focus. 

Station 1 - LEO - Bamboo soundforest

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