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our projects

Our ecosystem of projects represents our holistic approach in the field of sound for benefit. We cultivate everything from large macro-level projects such as the Sound Sanctuary to small local initiatives such as the Auroville flute-building workshop. Each project is a learning journey for the organization and an opportunity for self-discovery for all participants involved. 

sound sanctuary

A lush experiential environment that fosters authentic connection and creative collaboration through total immersion in harmonic soundscapes.

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gardens of sound

Our outdoor sonic sculptures stimulate an innate curiosity, with beauty so embedded most anyone is able to make immediate magical sounds. Many are also designed for the discovery of effortless harmony in groups of three.

Some installations, along with beautiful sound, also combine an unpredictable kinetic movement, which encourages our brain to relax normal ways of seeing, for an experience of dropping behind the waterfall of thinking.

svaram flute building workshop

In October 2019 Hans Houkes from Stonewhistle traveled to Auroville in India to provide a one-month clay workshop for some of the young people working at the SVARAM center. The main goal of this project was to teach them how to make clay instruments, enrich their skills, and to provide them with new possibilities for personal growth and enrichment. With help of the Resonance Group Hans was able to set up a continuous program there and already traveled back in 2020 to proceed with his work there.



annual sound summit

Since 2018 the Resonance Group has hosted annual Sound Summits. The Sound Summits host a global community that is focused on touching the vast arms of the sound field and finding ways we can weave each other’s work together, to maximize the benefits of sound in service to people and the planet. During these Summits we weave a coherent tapestry of collaboration through deep listening and sharing, allowing for beautiful emergent outcomes. We create fertile ecosystems for the global Sound Movement to flourish  through diversity, integrity and connection.

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join us on this wave of discovery.

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