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sound sanctuary



sound sanctuary

enshrining sonic experience

a first-of-its-kind structure designed from the ground up to be a pinnacle immersive acoustic environment. 


a womb of potentiality for creative impulses that engages our senses in unprecedented ways.


a lush experiential environment naturally evokes spontaneous participation through playful authentic expression.


a safe container that promotes deep listening, heightened presence, creative collaboration and group social resonance. 


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matter is sculpted by sound, a formation of the music of the universe.

- resonance group -

how it works

The Sound Sanctuary uses advanced acoustic engineering to amplify and enrich all sounds within it. 

The shape, proportions, materials, and layout of the Sanctuary are designed to combine synergistically in order to transform the sound a variety of ways.


These include: 

- prolonging the duration -

allows the brain and body more time to receive, interpret and respond

- revealing the underlying harmonic structure -

allows you to hear more of the harmonics present in each tone, like sonic rainbows hanging in the air

- adding dimension and spatiality -

allows you an experience of vastness as sounds float, spiral, and pulse through the air in a four dimensional dance

- adding richness, depth, and intimacy -

allows you to feel like you’re connected to, inside of, or even completely one with the sound


These elements combine to create an environment that is impossible to describe, and must be experienced to be believed! 

Here's an audio example of how an environment like this could sound like. Please use good headphones for the best experience!

10 minute soundwalk meditation
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